Calling out to N34 Gasing-ites!

If you, like me, are 
TIRED of partisan politics
VOTE for the Community Candidate!

Decentralisation Of Power

We are all familiar with phrase "Power Corrupts". There is therefore a clear need to ensure that no one person or party attains absolute power.

“Cleverly Done”
Over the course of time, practically all of the powers have been cleverly and systematically centralised to the ruling party.

This brings about a very unhealthy situation where the ruling political party will now be in total control of both the national and state levels.

It Must Not Be Allowed
Hence, do not allow the phrase that says, “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” to come to pass in Malaysia.

Empowering The Local & State Governments
Much like the mature democracies of the US, UK and Australia, Malaysia should strive to see its states having autonomy to determine its own laws and policies.

Federal Government Interference
Input or contributions from the federal should be to assist and compliment them and they, the federal powers shall not be allowed to interfere, dictate and impose their will on the relevant states.

Is The "Two-Party System" The Answer?
No, in a two-party system, there will still be the inherent weakness where the ruling political party will still be in control and be in a position to interfere and dictate. 

Greater Checks & Balance
Therefore, there is a need for greater checks and balance in order that the political parties do not abuse their powers. 

The Equilibrium!
This is where the existence of a third bloc of smaller parties and independent candidates must play that role to form an internal pressure in order to maintain balance and equilibrium.

Party Interest vs People’s Interest
An example where "majority rules" was used to propagate the interest of a certain political party was with the case of PKNS’s 10-acre redevelopment project (named the PJ Sentral Garden City).
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This is one of the many projects under the Selangor State’s RM10 billion plan for urban renewal. 

BN's Brainchild But PR's Pushing It Through
Although this project was the brainchild of the Barisan National Government, "Pre-2008", it is to be noted that "Post-2008", it was the Pakatan Rakyat Government that: 
  1. followed through
  2. approved, and 
  3. implemented this project.

Without The ADUN's Knowledge 
It was most unfortunate that this project had gone through to the building approval stage without the knowledge of the then elected representative (the late Edward Lee Poh Lin) as well as the local community.  

He had to learn about the project after having driven past the site (former PKNS headquarters in Section 52, PJ State / New Town) and noticed the sudden existence of MBPJ’s announcement board, proposing the intention of the applicants (Puncak Wangi Sdn Bhd and Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor [PKNS]) to develop:
  • One office block – 27 storeys
  • Three office blocks/institution – between 22-37 storeys
  • Two hotel blocks – 22-storeys
  • Two blocks of service apartments – 22 storeys (on top of 6 a story business podium/car park area)
  • Basement car park – 4 storeys

State Assemblyman Notifies Affected Residents
The late Edward Lee notified the affected residents, residents associations (RAs), rukun tetangga (RTs) and the All PJ Residents Association Coalition (APAC) about the project. 

Press Notified
He then proceeded to highlight the issue in the press: 
Stakeholders set to oppose new development in Section 52

Assemblyman Told To “Tone Down”
He then received a call from the party leadership telling him to tone down in the press on this issue - as it was now a project undertaken by the PR Government. 

Affected Parties Denied Details
This issue was then taken up by APAC, and the RAs and RTs of the affected sections who had requested for details of the project as well as traffic and environmental impact assessment reports to be made known to the public - which was denied.

Several quarters feel projects in PJ will add more traffic woes
     The Star, 27 Dec 2010

Objections to PJ Sentral
     The Nut Graph, 22 June 2010

PKNS joins with DKLS for RM1.5bil project in Sec 17 PJ
     The Star,
9 May 2012

Will PJ Sentral be as successful as KL Sentral?
     The Star,
16 Feb 2013

No Recourse Even From The Courts
APAC then filed an application for a judicial review for the development plans and reports to be made public but was denied by the high court on the basis of not having locus standi (the right to bring an action, to be heard in court, or to address the court on a matter before it).

Rise Of The People's Voice
The concept of the community candidate is a move away from party-based politics to a people-based and people-centric politics. 

Dynamic Political Landscape 
It seeks to bring about a greater sense of checks and balance at the local and state levels as well as to create a dynamic political landscape through a multi-faceted system. 

Return The Power To The People
The people should be given the power to determine laws and policies that would affect them on a daily basis.

I, Simon Lee, son and personal assistant to the late YB Edward Lee, former ADUN of N34 Bukit Gasing, urge you, the voters in this constituency:
  1. not to vote solely based on the premise that the candidate is from that certain political party; instead
  2. to seriously consider whether the candidate you intend to vote for, is the best candidate to represent your interest & fight for your rights in the local council & state assembly.

"Vote not just because the person is from a particular party, but because you believe that, that is the right candidate to represent you in the state assembly."